About Us

SHREE AMAR SANSKAR KALYAN KENDRA (SANSKAR) is a non-governmental voluntary Organization, laid its foundation stone in the year 1980. A group with solidarity and integrity in every sphere of human life came forward for the innocent, marginalized with the simplified object to work for the betterment of deprived section of the society. Finally, it was registered under society’s registration Act in the year 1982.

In the initial stage, during the period 1980 – 1992, the organization made efforts for social cohesion, the organization worked in very simplest form as people’s facilitation and in the later stage from 1993 onward, the organization modified its strategies and expended the area of interventions basically in rural base and the organization with full fledge planning, started its intervention in grass root level with a need based and issue based and participatory approach. The organization has knowhow gathered through 33 years of working experience in the field of community development.


Sustained food and nutritional security of poor and disadvantaged community, so that they can identify, utilize their Potential and resources for sustainable development and preservation of the environment and ecology  .


Over all development of the marginalized and indigenous rural community, through awareness, community empowerment and social mobilization and build just society based on human value of fraternity, equality and Justice  .

Objectives of the Organization

  • To work for the upliftment and to strengthen the poor and marginalized people irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and religion and to bring in social change through motivation, awareness and facilitate them to take correct decisions in their life.
  • To enhance skill and knowledge for income generation activities for the ST/SC/Other weaker section of the society in rural areas for the development of their socio- economic conditions.
  • To aware for safe drinking water & sanitation, to save environment and promote non- conventional source of energy to eradicate environmental pollution.
  • To educate children and women through formal and non-formal education programme.
  • To build capacity and encourage self- reliance by organizing youth’s groups and Mahila Mandal’s.
  • To promote small & cottage industries and Handicrafts to save traditional skill’s and culture and for income generation activities.
  • To rehabilitate Orphan’s, disabled, trafficked children, adolescent girls, women’s and isolated widows and elders.
  • To provide service during natural disaster and calamities.