Get Involved

SANSKAR greatly appreciates the support of those who are able to contribute their time and skills to help further its mission. Volunteers and interns from many different countries and backgrounds have committed their time to support the work of SANSKAR in its various program fields. A number of domestic students from different Institutes have completed an internship with SANSKAR. The volunteers have also given varying amounts of time. Some have offered their skills to different activities of the organization by working on SANSKAR’s annual reports, and project proposals. If you are interested in pursuing a volunteer or internship position with SANSKAR or if you have any questions concerning such opportunities, please contact us.

At SANSKAR, we believe in leveraging our diverse skills and extensive experience to build a just and equitable society where all individuals have improved access to opportunities for growth.

Be a part of our community support network in the areas of education, vocational training, sustainable farming solutions, health and well-being, or become a partner organization and implement any of our programmes.

We also welcome support from corporate houses, professionals and technical experts, (agriculture scientists, educationists and health workers).

If you are interested in partnering with SANSKAR, please get in touch with us at: +91 (06542) – 250042 (O) Mobile – 09430768685